Obtain A Copy of Your Georgia Car Accident Report

Obtain A Copy of Your Georgia Car Accident Report

Each year, drivers involved in car accidents in Georgia find themselves needing a copy of their car accident report. The information found in this document is essential as it outlines the vehicles involved, speeds, and details of the accident. Depending on your accident location, you have a few different ways to get a copy of your report, also referred to as a Motor Vehicle Crash Report.

Where Can I Get A Copy of a Car Accident Report in Georgia?

When a car accident report is filed in Georgia, a copy can be found in three places:

  1. Ordered online through the Georgia DOT website
  2. Ordered electronically through BuyCrash
  3. Local police department where the car accident report was filed

You will need to have driver’s license information to search and locate the car accident report when you search either through the Georgia DOT website and also through BuyCrash. Keep in mind that both of these sites are efficient with their service, but there will be a fee for the service.

If you decide to go through the local police department, you need to visit the department of the responding officer who filed the report. For example, you will need to contact Georgia State Patrol if it was filed with the state police. If it was filed with a county deputy or city officer, you would contact those specific precincts.

Why Do I Need A Copy of a Car Accident Report in Georgia?

  • Confirm accuracy of the report
  • File it with your insurance company
  • Need it in case you are sued by the other party or need to sue

The first thing you need to do after the car accident report is filed and any medical attention needed has been sought is to file this accident report with your insurance company. Review it before you submit it, however, and make sure that it has the appropriate party at fault if the fault could be determined. If you need additional coverage for damages and medical expenses, you will need a copy of this report to take to court or use if you are the party being sued.

What Types of Car Accidents Receive Car Accident Reports?

A report is filed for all types of car accidents that happen throughout Georgia. There are several types of car accidents that are common in Georgia and are identified on the car accident report.

  1. Side-impact car accidents
  2. Head-on car accidents
  3. Rear-end car accidents
  4. Multi-vehicle car accidents
  5. Single-vehicle car accidents

When the officer arrives on the scene, they will look at the damage to the vehicle, skid marks, and location of the vehicle to determine what type of car accident occurred. When they finalize the car accident report, the type of car accident is listed. If multiple cars are involved, all vehicles will be listed on the car report with their information.

What Are Common Causes of Car Accidents?

Common causes of car accidents include the following:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding and Reckless Driving
  • Weather conditions

Distracted driving has become almost as common as drunk driving in Georgia. This refers to drivers who are not devoting their attention to driving by either texting, watching a video while driving, or even eating while driving. Drunk drivers are also the reason for many accidents, especially head-on collisions where they cross the center line.

Those drivers who like to speed excessively and drive recklessly between lanes are oftentimes responsible for multi-vehicle crashes. These happen more frequently on major highways and areas where there is a lot of traffic and multiple lanes. Unfortunately, the weather is often a factor, especially when there is rain, fog, or ice present on the highways.

How To File a Car Accident Report

If you find yourself in a car accident alone or with another vehicle, you need to contact 911 immediately to have first responders and officers arrive on the scene. In most cases, the officers will begin the accident report, but if you do not see the officer asking questions and writing out the car accident report, you can request a car accident report immediately.

If you do not get a copy of the report when you leave the scene, make sure you get the officer’s information so you can retrieve that report when it is ready. As the party involved, you must reach out and follow up.

How Can A Lawyer Help With My Car Accident Report?

If you have recently been in a car accident and have suffered damage, a car accident lawyer can assist you with getting compensation. This starts with retrieving a copy of the accident report that has been finalized with the details of the accident. During the consultation, the lawyer will review the accident report to see how they can assist you.

At Parisi Injury Law, we do the heavy-lifting for you. We will obtain copies of the accident report and set your claim up with both the at-fault car insurance company and your own insurance company. Also all statutory obligations are met so that there are no technical problems with your case down the road. Parisi Law Firm will secure evidence and preserve your claims so that you get maximum compensation for your injuries without the insurance company being able to take advantage of you.