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Jefferson Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents often cause an immense shock. Right after a car accident, you may have a hard time figuring out what to do next. Do you need a personal injury lawyer? When should you call one? Any time you suffer serious injuries in a Jefferson car accident, or have questions about your rights after a car accident, contact a Jefferson car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

When Should I Call A Jefferson Car Accident Lawyer?

A lawyer is the most valuable resource you can have in your corner when you suffer injuries in a car accident. If you suffered any type of injury in your accident, contact a car accident lawyer in Jefferson right away. Some people, however, may start by trying to handle their car accident claims alone. They may assume that the insurance company will help them, or that they will get the same compensation regardless of what they do. In reality, however, the insurance company may not have your best interests at heart. Many people end up fighting with the insurance company to get the compensation they really need for serious car accident injuries in Jefferson.

You may discover, as your claim moves forward, that you really need an attorney on your side. There are several red flags that should let you know that you need to contact an attorney as soon as possible. For example, you should contact an attorney if the other driver or their insurance company attempts to dispute liability for the accident, if you have questions about the car accident claim process, or if you receive a settlement offer that you know does not reflect your real expenses after the accident.

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The Parisi Law firm was very professional, there was great communication, they kept me informed every step of the way and explained the process in great detail. I received a settlement and received every dollar I was entitled. Thanks Jerry and Cheryl, great job!
My experience with this lawfirm was completely positive. They handled my case very well from start to finish. I was very satisfied with the settlement that I received.
Jerry Parisi handled all details of my auto accident case. Honest and a great communicator, he thoroughly covered all details and strategies, making it a pleasure to work with him. I trusted his advice and was pleased with the settlement. I highly recommend Jerry Parisi.



Is it worth getting a Jefferson car accident lawyer?

If you suffered injuries in your car accident, which will mean that you need to pursue compensation for your medical bills as well as damage to your vehicle, it’s almost always worth working closely with a Jefferson car accident lawyer to manage your claim. Many insurance companies simply do not take your claim seriously until you bring a lawyer on board. Furthermore, a lawyer can help investigate every possible angle of your accident, which may provide more evidence of the other driver’s responsibility, or even identify other parties that may also have contributed to the accident–which may increase the compensation you can recover.

What questions should you ask a Jefferson car accident lawyer?

As you look for a car accident lawyer, your top question may be, “How much compensation do you think I can recover for my car accident injuries?” After all, the more compensation a lawyer feels they can recover for you, the more confident you can feel about the outcome. However, in many cases, you may also need to know other things about the lawyer, including how much experience they have with other car accident claim cases, whether they have room in their caseload to take you on, and what verdicts they have obtained in the past for other clients. Furthermore, you may have questions about the law firm’s preferred style when it comes to communicating and keeping you updated about the case. How often will they get in touch with you? Do they prefer to contact you via phone? Email? Text? Make sure the lawyer’s style and personality are a good fit, since you may interact regularly with your Jefferson car accident lawyer for quite some time.

Should I call a lawyer after a car accident in Jefferson?

Yes. You should contact a lawyer after any accident that involves substantial injury. A personal injury claim can prove incredibly complex. The insurance company, the other driver, and any other parties involved in the accident investigation and claim may try to protect their own interests. You need a lawyer on your side to protect yours.

Who Is Responsible For My Car Accident Injuries?

When it comes to paying your medical bills, you need to take initial responsibility for those costs. However, the party that caused your accident may need to pay compensation for your medical expenses–which will usually come to you, not to the Jefferson hospital or medical care provider who treated you after the accident–for those costs. In addition to taking a look at the other driver involved in the accident, your lawyer may evaluate other potential causes. For example, your lawyer may want to know if the driver was on the clock, which may leave their employer partially liable for the accident, or if a mechanical problem contributed to the incident.

Jefferson Car Accident Lawyer Near You

Need a Jefferson car accident lawyer near you? We can go over your car accident case and help you learn more about your rights. Contact us as soon after your accident as you can for more information and support.

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